Long-Time Fire and Rescue Volunteers Recognized

Aug. 26, 2019: Long-Time Fire and Rescue Volunteers Recognized

2019 Fire and Rescue Recognition Group Photo

In August 2019, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors recognized the County's Fire and Rescue Volunteers with 30 or more years of service.

"Each year, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors welcomes the opportunity to recognize the men and women who volunteer for our fire departments and rescue squads," said Board Chair, Todd King. "These men and women do so much for our community and it’s an honor to recognize and to support them," said King.

Those recognized included:
five members of the Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Mark Craven, 35 years;
  • John Cromer, 35 years;
  • J. Wayne Garst, 35 years;
  • Dennis Price, 32 years; and
  • Randall Smith, 33 years;

two members of both the Blacksburg Volunteer Fire Department and the Blacksburg Rescue Squad:
  • Bruce Shepherd, 50 years; and
  • Benny Simmers, 50 years;

six members of the Christiansburg Volunteer Fire Department:
  • David Akers, 33 years;
  • Floyd Childress, III, 30 years;
  • Mike Moore, 34 years;
  • Alan Shaw, 31 years;
  • Bobby Sowder, 33 years; and
  • Frank Wright, 30 years;

seven members of the Christiansburg Volunteer Rescue Squad:
  • Sam Bishop, 31 years;
  • Matthew Carroll, 34 years;
  • Jerry Crawford, 34 years;
  • Kathy Dowdy, 31 years;
  • Greg Hutchins, 34 years;
  • Daniel Musselman, 34 years; and
  • Eddie Walters, 32 years;

three members of the Longshop McCoy Volunteer Fire and Rescue:
  • David Lucas, 30 years;
  • Greg McCoy, 30 years; and
  • Doug Williams, 30 years;

two members of the Ellison Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Billy Cook, 30 years; and
  • Baron Gibson, 30 years;

four members of the Riner Volunteer Fire Department:
  • Randall Estes, 30 years;
  • Gary Francis, 30 years;
  • Mike Moles, 35 years; and
  • Patrick Saylors, 30 years; and

one member of the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad:
  • Dr. Richard Hirsh, 31 years.

"Montgomery County relies on the men and women who volunteer and sacrifice in order to serve as fire fighters and on the rescue squads," said Montgomery County Emergency Coordinator, Neal Turner. "Not only does them volunteering save the county millions of dollars annually, it saves countless lives and simply makes our community a better place for having these brave and dedicated men and women a part of it." Turner has been a volunteer with the Christiansburg Rescue Squad and the Riner Rescue Squad for 41 years.

During the fiscal year 2018, the volunteer fire departments responded to 2,614 calls and the volunteer rescue squads responded to 10,427 calls. In total, 339 individuals dedicate their time to serve as volunteer as fire fighters and rescue squad members in Montgomery County.

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