Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk Awarded Grants to Preserve Local Records

Grant funding in the amount of $28,780 was used to conserve and digitize eight sets of records.

Erica Conner, Clerk of the Circuit Court Completes Local Records Preservation ProjectMontgomery County Circuit Court Clerk Erica W. Conner was awarded grant funding ($13,591 and $15,189) from the Record Preservation Program (CCRP). The funds were used to conserve and digitize eight sets of records to include:

  • Record of Marriages 1785-1803
  • Three Land Books for 1819-1823, 1861-1867, 1868-1872
  • Entry Book A 1773-1783 for Montgomery and Fincastle Counties (Surveyor’s Fee Book)
  • Will Book 1 (1822-1889)
  • Will Book 10 (1864-1874)

"I'm very pleased as we continue to preserve records in our office with available funding provided by the CCRP.  Each record is a time capsule in the history of Montgomery County, and my continued obligation to make sure they are available and protected for future generations," said Conner.

The CCRP is a part of the Library of Virginia's Local Records Services Branch. Funded through a $3.50 portion of the clerk’s recordation fee, the CCRP provides resources to help preserve and make accessible permanent circuit court records stored in the 120 circuit courts and at the Library of Virginia. For more information on the Circuit Court Records Preservation Program’s resources and services, please visit   For more information about the Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk, please visit