Regional Bike Share Upgrading to Electric Assist e-Bike Fleet

The new fleet will expand access and transportation options to Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Montgomery County, and Virginia Tech.

ROAM Electric Assist e-BikeThe New River Valley bike share program (RoamNRV) has teamed up with Bolt Mobility, the new owner of Gotcha, to convert the region’s existing pedal bike system to an all electric-assist fleet of e-bikes. 

Seventy-five e-bikes will be online by Saturday, June 5, 2021, with plans to grow the system through the summer, including a total of 150 e-bikes and several new hub locations throughout the region. 

The program brings many benefits to the New River Valley, including making transportation within and between towns and the university easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Local residents and visitors will be able to access the e-bikes at one of 12 existing RoamNRV locations to explore the region; ride the Huckleberry Trail through Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Montgomery County; or access Virginia Tech’s campus. Among the many safety precautions, bikes on the Huckleberry Trail will have a reduced maximum speed of 15 mph.

All users, including existing users of the current system, will be required to download the new "Gotcha Powered by Bolt" app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. 

“The New River Valley is building for the future,” said Bolt CEO Ignacio Tzoumas. “Through our partnership with local governments and stakeholders, we can leverage Bolt’s technology to help reduce pollution, improve congestion, provide transportation to the underserved, and shorten commute times.”

This is a unique model in the industry, with Bolt providing the technology, operations managed locally, and input being provided by local governments and other stakeholders. System partners include the Town of Blacksburg, Town of Christiansburg, Montgomery County, and Virginia Tech. NC Rides will manage operations. 

About BOLT Micromobility

BOLT Mobility is a transformational personal transportation company committed to ensuring access, equity, and quality of life through micromobility. Co-founded by eight-time Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt, BOLT Mobility is revolutionizing the way people move and experience their communities and travel to and from employment. Through partnerships with municipalities, universities, and local ownership, we are advancing smarter infrastructure and thoughtfully integrating sustainable and accessible transportation options into the neighborhoods we serve, helping communities thrive. Learn more at