Narrative requirements

The Virginia Erosion and Sedimentation Control Handbook (VESCH) requires Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Narratives to address:

Project description: Briefly describes the nature and purpose of the land disturbing activity, and the area (acres) to be disturbed.

Existing site conditions: A description of the existing topography, vegetation and drainage.

Adjacent areas: A description of neighboring areas such as streams, lakes, residential areas, roads, etc., which might be affected by the land disturbance.

Off-site areas: Describe any off-site land-disturbing activities that will occur (including borrow sites, waste or surplus areas, etc.) Will any other areas be disturbed?

Soils: A brief description of the soils on the site giving such information as soil name, mapping unit, erodibility, permeability, depth, texture and soil structure.

Critical areas: A description of areas on the site which have potentially serious erosion problems (steep slopes, channels, underground springs, etc.)

Erosion and sediment control measures: A description of the methods to be used to control erosion and sedimentation on the site. (Controls should satisfy minimum standards in Chapter 3, VESCH.)

Permanent stabilization: A brief description, including specifications, of how the site will be stabilized after construction is completed.

Stormwater runoff considerations: Will the development site cause an increase in peak runoff rates? Will the increase in runoff cause flooding or channel degradation downstream? Describe the strategy to control stormwater runoff.

Calculations: Detailed calculations for the design of temporary sediment basins, permanent stormwater detention basins, diversions, channels, etc. Include calculations for pre- and post-development runoff.

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