Erosion and sediment control plan

An erosion and sediment control plan describes the potential for erosion and sedimentation on a construction project. The plan also explains and illustrates the measures that are to be taken to control those problems. The plan has a written portion known as the narrative and an illustrative portion known as a plan.

The narrative explains the erosion and sediment control decisions made for a particular project and the justification for those decisions. The narrative is especially important to the plan approving authority because it contains concise information concerning existing site conditions, construction schedules and other pertinent items that are not apparent in a typical site plan.

An erosion and sediment control plan must contain enough information to satisfy the plan approving authority that the problems of erosion and sedimentation have been adequately addressed for a proposed project. The length and complexity of the plan should be commensurate with the size of the project, the severity of site conditions and the potential for off-site damage.

The landowner or lessee has the responsibility for plan preparation and submission. The owner or lessee may designate someone (engineer, architect, contractor, etc.) to prepare the plan, but the owner or lessee retains the ultimate responsibility.

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