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Who do I call after hours for a problem with my water or sewer?
Contact the NRV 911 non-emergency line at (540) 382-4343. DO NOT CALL 911.

Sometimes late at night, my toilet flushes by itself. Is this a problem with too much pressure?
Newer model toilets have a built-in pressure relief valve. This protects your home interior lines from breaking. Pressure buildup is generally caused by the hot water heater, where a backflow preventer has been installed. There are other devices available to relieve pressure. Contact your plumber for information on these devices.

How deep should I bury my water service line?
The frost line in this area is 25 to 30 inches. The PSA recommends 3 feet of cover.

Should I enter the meter box to turn my water on or off?
No, the meter box and meter are PSA property and should be entered by PSA personnel only.

Who do I call before excavating on my property?
All excavators must call the Miss Utility call center at 1-800-552-7001 at least 48 hours before excavating. The PSA owns lines to the meter and the property owner is responsible from the meter to the home. After notification the PSA has 48 hours to work. Water facilities are marked in blue and sewer facilities are marked in green.

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