Project Lifesaver PAL

Project Lifesaver is a program available to Montgomery County citizens for persons who are receiving in-home care. It is designed to prevent or reduce the potential of harm to individuals suffering from Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome, autism, traumatic brain injuries or mental dysfunctions and others who may tend to wander away from their residences and become confused or lost.

In the past, the only option available to locate these individuals who have wandered away from safety was to conduct an extensive and often lengthy search. These searches often involved hundreds of personnel from local law enforcement agencies, fire departments and rescue squads.

Individuals who join Project Lifesaver are equipped with a small personalized transmitter that is worn on a wristband. When a participant wanders away, the caregiver has the ability to track the individual via GPS.  Click here for more information about Project Lifesaver's PAL Program.

Project Lifesaver enables a proactive rather than reactive response to give caregivers peace of mind and reassurance. It also saves time, manpower, money and most importantly lives.

In 1999 the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office was the first agency to offer Project Lifesaver in Southwestern Virginia.

For more information, contact via e-mail or telephone Master Deputy Chris Lucas at (540) 382-6915 ext: 44415.

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