Support Services 

Support Services ensures that all divisions maintain optimum performance levels and perform their responsibilities without interruption. These duties include:

The Sheriff's Office has a full-time accreditation manager who collects data, generates reports, and communicates regularly with each division to ensure that all requirements are met of the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission. This is a continual process that requires regular reporting, annual compliance verification, and an on-site assessment by an independent team every four years to ensure compliance.

Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention provides community policing and educational programs such as Neighborhood Watch. Crime Prevention Specialists work with individuals and businesses to provide tips for keeping homes or businesses safe and conduct business and home security surveys.  School Resource Officers work in elementary, middle, and high schools to provide security and serve as a liaison within the school system. Deputies also teach both D.A.R.E. and Class Action programs in the schools. The annual Citizen's Police Academy allows citizens to learn more about how each division works.

Monitors, seeks and applies for federal and state grants to provide overtime and equipment for Sheriff's Office employees.

Policy and Procedures
Annually reviews and updates the Policy and Procedures Manual to ensure compliance with the Code of Virginia and VALEPSC Accreditation standards.

Ensures that employees complete required basic training through the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy and maintains records for in-service training required by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Deputies are required to undergo 40 hours of in-service training every two years. Other required training include firearms training, instructor training, and various specialized classes.

Public/Media Information
Works with local news media at major crime scenes to ensure they are able to safely gather information. Sends out press releases to make both the news media and citizens aware of significant crimes or safety information. Provide statistical data through a weekly crime report, calls for service, and jail booking logs. Assists citizens with statistical crime data about particular areas. This website is also maintained and kept up to date to provide a user-friendly way for the public to gather information.

Equipment and Uniforms
Ensures that all employees have the necessary uniforms and equipment to safely and professionally carry out their duties. 

Planning and Research
Assists with planning for the future so that the best possible service is provided to the community. This includes budget preparation, space needs, equipment needs, policy additions/revisions, organizational structure, etc.


UAS Team
The UAS (Drone) Team responds to multiple types of situations to provide aerial support.  The UAS team can provide thermal tracking for ground teams on missing Alzheimer's, autistic, or disabled persons.  In addition, they can track wanted persons who may have fled on foot into areas with limited access.  The drones are also used for crashes and investigation scenes to provide photos and video.


Drone-Crash Scene
Drone-Crash Scene

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