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Facts for voters

Board of Supervisors
Montgomery County has a total population of 99,433 (Weldon Cooper Center, 2018). in an area of 393 square miles. This includes the residents of its two towns, Blacksburg and Christiansburg.

Members are elected from seven districts. Terms are staggered and are for four years. Every January the Board elects a chair and vice chair from their membership. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:15 p.m. at the County Government Center. Agendas and minutes are available online. The Board of Supervisors' regular meetings are rebroadcast on Comcast and Shentel Channels 190 daily and are also online at 

SupervisorDistrictTerm expires
Sara BohnDistrict ADec. 31, 2025
Derek KittsDistrict BDec. 31, 2027
Steve FijalkowskiDistrict CDec. 31, 2025
Todd King
District DDec. 31, 2025
Anthony GrafskyDistrict EDec. 31, 2027
Mary Biggs, Vice ChairDistrict FDec. 31, 2027
April DeMotts
District GDec. 31, 2027

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Constitutional Officer

All constitutional officers serve four-year terms, with the exception of the Clerk of Circuit Court, who serves an eight-year term.

OfficerOfficeTerm expires
Tiffany CouchClerk of Circuit CourtDec. 31, 2030
Brenda WinkleCommissioner of RevenueDec. 31, 2027
Mary PettittCommonwealth's AttorneyDec. 31, 2027
Hank Partin
SheriffDec. 31, 2027
Mary WeaverTreasurerDec. 31, 2027

Montgomery County School Board
The Montgomery County school district includes the unincorporated area and two towns. It serves approximately 9,400 students in 22 schools. Full-day kindergarten is provided.

School board members are elected for four years and serve staggered terms. The board meets the first and third Tuesdays each month at 7 p.m. at the County Government Center.

Board memberDistrictTerm expires
Linwood HudsonDistrict ADec. 31, 2025
Penny FranklinDistrict BDec. 31, 2027
Dana PartinDistrict CDec. 31, 2025
Jamie BondDistrict DDec. 31, 2025
Derek RountreeDistrict EDec. 31, 2027
Laura PurcellDistrict FDec. 31, 2027
Edward GitreDistrict GDec. 31, 2027

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Town of Christiansburg
Christiansburg has an area of 13.9 square miles and a population of approximately 22,505 (Census 2018 estimate). Christiansburg Town elections are held in November of odd numbered years. Town Council meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. at Christiansburg Town Hall.

Elected officialTerm expires
D. Michael Barber, MayorDec. 31, 2025
Samuel BishopDec. 31, 2027
Johana HicksDec. 31, 2027
Tanya HockettDec. 31, 2025
Casey JenkinsDec. 31, 2025
Kim BowmanDec. 31, 2027
Timothy WilsonDec. 31, 2025

Town of Blacksburg
Blacksburg has an area of 19.7 square miles and a population of approximately 44,678 (Census 2018 estimate). Virginia Tech, located in Blacksburg, has an enrollment of about 31,000. Blacksburg Town elections are held in November of odd numbered years. Town Council meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Blacksburg Municipal Building.

Elected officialTerm expires
Leslie Hager-Smith, MayorDec. 31, 2025
Susan AndersonDec. 31, 2025
Liam WatsonDec. 31, 2027
Lauren ColliverDec. 31, 2025
Jerry R. Ford, Jr.Dec. 31, 2027
Susan MattinglyDec. 31, 2025
Michael SutphinDec. 31, 2027

Soil and Water Directors - Skyline District
At its 2002 Session, the General Assembly enacted legislation establishing uniform four-year terms for Soil and Water Conservation District Directors. The legislation requires that quadrennial elections be held in the counties and cities electing Soil and Water Directors beginning in 2007.

DirectorTerm expires
Robert Phillips
Dec. 31, 2027
Carl Zipper
Dec. 31, 2027


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