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Lost/Found Pets

Something pet owners never want to face is their furry companion going missing. One thing for sure is time is a factor, so act fast.

If You’ve Lost a Pet

  • Call your local shelter to report your lost pet. If your pet is lost in Montgomery County, Va., or surrounding areas, please fill out a lost pet report and attach a photo, if possible.
  • Post your pet’s photo/information on social media. (Be sure to scan reports for a finder’s report.)
  • Post on other helpful online databases and apps
  • Talk to neighbors and ask them to be on the look out for your pet.
  • Advise local veterinarian clinics of your missing pet.
  • If microchipped, report your pet missing to the company the chip is registered to and be sure all contact information is up to date.
  • Canvas your local area with flyers (neighborhoods, vet clinics, local businesses). For a free lost pet flyer template go to Pet FBI Lost Flyer.

Things to consider when looking for a lost pet

  • Lost pets may be frightened and hiding out of sight. Walk slowly while searching.
  • Frightened pets tend to be quiet. While calling your pet’s name, listen closely and give them time to answer your call.
  • Search for your missing dog along walking routes that he/she is familiar with. Take along your dog’s favorite food, favorite noisy toy, and leash.


If You've Found a Pet

Have you found a kitten or group of kittens? Use the ASPCA's "I Found Kittens Outside" interactive guide for what to do next.

As a finder, it is required by law that you report the found pet to the local animal shelter or animal control. Also, as the finder, you have the option to keep the pet safe in your home while actively looking for the owner or seeking the help of the local shelter.

  • Call your local shelters to report finding the pet. If the pet was found in Montgomery County, Va., or surrounding areas, please fill out a found pet report and attach a photo, if possible.

Things to consider when reuniting a lost pet with its owner

  • If a possible owner is found, ask for proof of ownership, including:
    • Photos
    • Vet records
    • Veterinarian name and phone number.
  • Always get the owner’s contact information, including their address and phone number.

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