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Public Address

The Board of Supervisors allows citizens to present comments on issues deserving their attention during public address at each meeting. If you wish to speak, please observe the policy below regarding public address and the presentation of visuals.

  • A public address sign-up sheet will be available outside the meeting room. Speakers are requested to provide their name, address and phone number, and list the subject matter on the sign-up sheet.
  • Following the names on the sign-up sheet, other speakers will be allowed.
  • Each speaker has four minutes, whether speaking as an individual or a representative.
  • All comments must be directed to the Chair and other supervisors from the speaker's lectern at the front of the room. Please begin by stating your name and address. Debate between speakers and members of the audience will not be allowed. 
  • Speakers may leave any written statements and/or comments to the supervisors with the Board Clerk.
  • Speakers will be judged out of order should the speaker engage in personal attacks, use profanity or abusive language, or debate with the audience and not address the supervisors. 
  • Accepted etiquette is to not applaud or make loud responses.

The Board of Supervisors welcomes visuals that support citizen comments made during public address.

  • Visual presentations will not be accepted the day of the meeting. If you wish to distribute copies of your statement or presentation to the supervisors, please provide 12 copies of the handouts when comments are presented.
  • PowerPoint or PDF files, along with your contact information, must be emailed to Vickie Swinney ( or delivered to the County Administration Suite, 755 Roanoke St. in Christiansburg, by noon on Friday preceding the meeting.
  • Before the start of televised meetings, speakers with electronic presentations should consult with County staff in the Board Room's Control Room at least 30 minutes before the meeting starts.
  • Speakers are not allowed to use their own laptop, tablet or A/V equipment.
  • Sound files on their own or embedded into PowerPoint or linked into presentations will not be supported.

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