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Planning and zoning fee schedule



R-R, R-1, R-2$500 +$20/acre or portion thereof

R-3, RM-$625 +$25/acre or portion thereof

GB, CB$750 +$30/acre or portion thereof

ML, M-1$875 +$35/acre or portion thereof

PUD-Res, PUD-Com, PIN, PMR, TND-$1000 +$40/acre or portion thereof

Special Use Permits$500

Telecommunications Tower$2500

Automobile Graveyard$1250

Extractive Industry$1250
Change in proffered conditions$500
Comprehensive Plan Amendment $500 +$20/acre or portion thereof
Variance Request - BZA$500
Appeal of Zoning Administrator's decision - BZA$250
Subdivision Sign Fee$160 per intersection
Sign Permit $40
Zoning Permit$20
Subdivision Review Fees

Major subdivision$250 per plat +$20 per lot over 5

Minor subdivision$100 per plat +$20 per lot over 5

Family subdivision$50

Boundary line adjustment$45

Boundary line adjustment with vacation$100 per plat +$20 per lot over 5

Variance request - BoS$500
AFD Additions & Renewals (multiple applicants)*$20 per property owner
AFD Additions & Renewals (single applicant)*$50 per property owner
Site Plan Review$300 +$20/acre or portion thereof
Zoning Confirmation Letter$125
DMV Certification Letter$40
Technology Fee2% of base fees, minimum $10
*Properties that are under a permanent conservation easement are exempt from this fee

When a joint application/permit is sought for both a rezoning and a special use permit, only the higher fee shall be charged.

Applicant must pay all legal advertisement fees. Staff will prepare ad for the applicant and deliver ad to newspaper(s) of local circulation. Applicant is responsible for contacting and paying the newspaper for the advertisement. If the applicant is a private citizen, not a business, the applicant must set up payment for the ad prior to the deadline date stated on the advertisement notice. If payment is not made to the newspaper prior to the deadline date, the ad will not be run and the application will not be heard at the scheduled hearing.

Application/permit fees are non-refundable regardless of whether the application/permit is approved, denied or withdrawn.

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