Subpoenas, witnesses and court appearances

What is a subpoena?

Sometimes called a summons, this is a Court order which directs you to be present in Court at a particular time and place.

What if I am subpoenaed as a witness and I have a question?

Please contact the Court, the person who subpoenaed you or our office.

NOTE: Never take it upon yourself to not appear if you have been subpoenaed to appear in Court. A subpoena is like a Court order, and if you do not comply, there could be repercussions.

How do I need to dress when appearing as the victim or witness in Court?

Dress neatly; preferably, no shorts, cut-offs or halter tops. For men, nice casual slacks, shirt and closed-toe shoes are acceptable. For women, nice casual slacks, shirt/blouse, skirt, dress are acceptable. Attire does make an impression.

Where do I go if I have been subpoenaed to Court?

General District Court (Christiansburg)
Montgomery County Courthouse, 2nd Floor

Juvenile & Domestic Relations District
Montgomery County Courthouse, 3rd Floor

Circuit Court
Montgomery County Courthouse, 4th Floor

Please double-check your subpoena as to which Court your subpoena was issued from so that you will appear in the correct Court. 

Who do I contact if I am the defendant or victim and I cannot remember when my case will be heard?

You will need to contact the appropriate Clerk's Office. Provide them with the defendant's name and they can tell you when the case is set. If you are the defendant, you need to first contact your counsel of record and if not available, you may contact the appropriate Clerk's Office.

When can I leave once I am in the Courtroom?

Once you are in the Courtroom, it is best to remain there. Do not leave unless it is absolutely necessary. Generally, cases are called as printed on the docket posted outside the Courtroom. However, there are occasions when cases are skipped or called out of order due to scheduling or other circumstances. The Court will take recesses, at which time you may leave the Courtroom.

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