Personal property taxes

Montgomery County is now a prorating county. County ordinance ORD-FY-16-07

The Commissioner of Revenue assesses personal property. Payment of personal property taxes is made to the Treasurer. Personal property is assessed based on ownership and garage jurisdiction. Personal property tax rates are set annually by the Board of Supervisors.

Personal property is assessed using recognized pricing guides. We use NADA. If these guides do not list your vehicle then cost is used and a percentage of depreciation. If cost is not available, then fair market value is used.

If your vehicle has body damage or mechanical problems and there is documentation verifying the vehicle was damaged on or before Jan. 1 an adjustment may be made. If the vehicle is not repaired, documentation is required each year by May 1.

High mileage is also taken into consideration with proper documentation. The high mileage application must be filed by May 1 each year.

For boats and other watercraft, Vessel Valuation Services (ABOS/Marine Blue Book) are used as the pricing guide. If your watercraft is not listed, then original cost and depreciation is used. Registration information is received from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. If your watercraft is not located in Montgomery County, proof of where it is located must be supplied.

Appeals to assessed values will be accepted on the appeal of personal property assessment form. Please remember you must attach documentation that supports your appeal. Appeals will be reviewed within 10 days. If it is within 2 weeks of the payment due date please pay your bill and if there is a correction made you will be issued a refund.

If I move after Jan. 1, do I still owe personal property taxes to Montgomery County?

Yes, Montgomery County is now a prorating county. You will pay taxes on your vehicle for the time that your vehicle is located in Montgomery County.

If you move to Montgomery County from a non-prorating county, Montgomery County will not tax you until the following year.

If you move from Montgomery County to a non-prorating county, you will pay Montgomery County the taxes for the full year.

If you move to or from a prorating county you will pay Montgomery County for the time that your vehicle was here.

If you move out of state you will need to send proof of registration in that state to our office and you will pay Montgomery County up until the date you registered in the other state.

If I am military and my home state is not Virginia, do I still owe personal property taxes? (Home state is the state listed on your LES.)

No, but you will need to file a certificate of legal residence each year and attach the current year Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) showing your home of record. (Home of record is the state listed on your LES.)

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