6/21/2023 SUP-2023-00700: John & Stacy Lloyd, Contractor's Storage Yard

Owner/Applicant: John Lloyd, Stacy Lloyd; Agent: Ben Spicer
Site Location Batts Road (Private), off of Coal Bank Hollow Road| Parcel ID: 009224, 009225


A request by John Lloyd and Stacy Lloyd for a Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow a Contractor’s Storage Yard on vacant land.  The site is located on property located at the beginning of Batts Road (Private), Blacksburg; off of Coal Bank Hollow Road (St. Rt. 649), and South Jefferson Forest Lane (St. Rt. 818). The property is further identified as Tax Maps 028-A 15 and 028-A 16 (Parcel IDs: 009224 and 009225), 6.8 acres, zoned Agricultural (A-1) in the Mount Tabor Magisterial District.  The property currently lies in an area designated as Residential Transition in the 2025 Comprehensive Plan.

Full Application 

SUP-2023-00700_Application Packet

SUP-2023-00700_Revised Application 7.12.23

Public hearing

Planning Commission: 8/9/2023 @ 7:00 pm
Board of Supervisors: 8/28/2023 @ 7:15 pm (1st Public Hearing - No Action Taken); 9/25/2023 @ 7:15 pm