Montgomery County Receives Two Virginia Association of Counties Achievement Awards

The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) selected two Montgomery County programs to receive a 2023 Achievement Award: the Employee Engagement Committee and the Crab Creek Wetland Mitigation Project. 

Employee Engagement Committee

The purpose of the EEC is to provide opportunities for all Montgomery County employees, regardless of their physical location, to have fun and engaging opportunities with zero strings attached. Employees from various offices and departments are represented on the committee. The EEC plans and coordinates activities, programs, and events for all Montgomery County employees. Fostering an organizational culture of teamwork through workplace engagement opportunities motivates employees and creates an unparalleled sense of comradery. Learn more
Wetland Mitigation Project: Crab Creek

This was a great example of how collaboration and good private-public relationships can bring about significant change and a positive community impact. The benefits to Crab Creek were substantial. Natural habitats were restored; flood hazards were mitigated; and there is now a guaranteed preserved open space in the community through Deed of Restrictions – all without providing additional traffic, noise, lighting, or safety impacts
to surrounding properties. Without the combined efforts of everyone involved this restoration would not have become a reality. This is an illustration of how a well-planned and guided project can benefit an entire community while protecting/enhancing an area’s natural resources. Learn more

The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) received 135 submissions for the 2023 Achievement Awards. The 33 winning entries focused on addressing issues of addiction, education, and revitalization, as well as finding solutions to other challenges that counties face daily.