04/09/2021 - SUP-2021-00168: Jacquelyn Hopkins Pugh, 4970 Blue Springs Road

04/09/2021 - SUP-2021-00168: Jacquelyn Hopkins Pugh,4970 Blue Springs Road
Applicant / Owner: Jacquelyn Hopkins Pugh
Site location
4970 Blue Springs Rd - Parcel ID: 008976


A request by Jacquelyn Hopkins Pugh for a Special Use Permit (SUP), with possible conditions, on approximately 1.551 acres in an Agricultural (A1) zoning district to allow an existing dwelling to be converted to an accessory structure exceeding the square footage and/or height of the proposed principal structure per Code Section 10-41(1)(a).  The existing dwelling to be used for storage (for personal use) has an overall height of 20 ft. and is approximately 1622 sq. ft. in area. The proposed primary dwelling has an overall height of approximately 16 ft.  and 1586 sq. ft. in area.  The property is located at 4970 Blue Springs Road, and identified as Tax Parcel No. 126-A-41 (Parcel ID #008976), in the Riner Magisterial District; (Election District D). The property lies in an area identified as Resource Stewardship in the Montgomery County Comprehensive Plan.

Status  Approved with Conditions
BZA SUP-2021-00168 - Jacquelyn H Pugh - Special Use Permit Application

Public hearing
BZA: 05/06/2021 @ 5:00 p.m. (Board Room - 2nd Floor)